Healthy food relationships start at home

From infancy to adulthood, healthy habits start with food freedom. Which means enjoying food, free of restriction and guilt, to enable stress-free mealtimes and headspace for what really matters.

Welcome! I’m Amy, a Registered Dietitian working across adult & paediatric nutrition.

I am passionate about working with children and their families to nuture lifelong healthy habits, and adults looking to better their relationship with food.

Together, we focus on attitudes & behaviours towards food rather than practicing restriction to enable sustainable change and enjoyable mealtimes.

Owing to my extensive experience in marketing and product development, I also offer consultancy services to health conscious and responsible brands.

Please do get in touch about working together.


What I Do


Applying expertise gained from working in the NHS and privately, Amy offers support to parents hoping to raise happy & healthy intuitive eaters and adults looking to heal their own relationship with food.


With a wealth of experience in product development, marketing & communications for start-ups and large corporations, Amy can help with everything from strategy to implementation.


Passionate about translating evidence-based nutrition in to engaging and digestible messaging, Amy offers services in written (eg. short or long-form articles & media quotes) or spoken (workshops, panels & talks) formats.

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Evidence-based nutrition


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Why work with Amy?

Amy advocates evidence-based, fad-free nutrition information and non-diet, sustainable approaches to health. Believing everyone, from infancy to adulthood, deserves to enjoy mealtimes, Amy is passionate about providing individuals and families with the guidance and support to achieving healthy relationships with food.

  • Registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council, Dietitians are required by law to apply evidence-based practice
  • Clinical experience within NHS across clinical areas and adult & paediatric populations
  • Certified Intuitve Eating counsellor
  • Experienced in product development, marketing & communications for food brands
  • Advocate of evidence-based, weight-inclusive and non-diet approaches to achieving health

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What Clients say…

We are delighted to have had Amy on our team since 2017 when Mia & Ben was in its early stages. She has played an integral role in supporting our mission to make kids’ food super by leading our product development strategy from concept creation to delivery, applying children’s nutrition expertise along every step of the way. Her extensive knowledge in dietetics and nutrition helped us define content for our Marketing and Communication channels which she independently planned, wrote as well as recorded. 
Through her guidance, we were able to establish ourselves as a credible brand in the baby and kids space that parents trust. We couldn’t recommend her more.
Karina Gentgen & Daniel Aunder, founders of Mia & Ben

Providing knowledge of children’s nutrition, evidence-based ingredient analysis and marketing, Amy supported us to develop a product grounded in research that met the brief set out and our customer needs Andrew Burt & Alistair Mayne, founders of Sunchild

Amy provided a valuable contribution to my website ( by writing about the important topic of weight stigma. This article was well-written, using appropriate language for the target audience as well as including relevant information and a good level of detail which displayed Amy’s depth of knowledge on the subject. Amy was lovely to work with and very professional, she also provided drafts and made edits in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Amy’s nutrition writing services… Maeve Hanan, Dietetically Speaking