• The Foundations to Building Happy, Healthy Eaters
    Whether they’re just starting out with solids or already in school, mealtimes can be a source of stress for many parents. Be it concern around weight, fussy eating tendencies or general upset around food, this article discusses how to implement the foundations to building happy, healthy eaters and achieving stress-free mealtimes. Understand your role This […]
  • Weaning: Allergens
    Owing to the fact allergies are on the rise in young children, it is no surprise parents are concerned about introducing foods commonly allergenic when weaning. Additionally, since the advice on this has changed over recent years it can also be a little confusing for parents too. Here we explain what a food allergy is, […]
  • Weaning: The Fundamentals
    You might also like our free download, Weaning: The fundamentals What is ‘weaning’? ‘Weaning’, or ‘complementary feeding’, means introducing solids to your baby. Weaning commences when your baby has developed enough to progress on to solid foods. The World Health Organisation (WHO) encourages this to be termed ‘complementary’ feeding, since its purpose is to diversify […]
  • Dietitians, Nutritionists and Nutritional therapists – what’s the difference?
    Registered Dietitians (RD) are regulated by law and the title ‘dietitian’ is protected by statute. To register requires at least a university degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and 1000 hours practical work experience. Dietitians can work clinically within the NHS, working with patients to treat medical conditions, as well as many other areas such as […]
  • Weight stigma, and why it deserves your attention
    This blog was originally written for Dietetically Speaking in May 2020. A personal note regarding this article. I am an able-bodied, straight-size* female with thin privilege**. I will not profess to fully understand what it means to be a person in a larger body because I have never experienced it. This article is written for […]

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